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If you're into aca-discussion of slash and RPS, have a look at achille_heal's user info here. It's all about historical statues:
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As you see, he's up for responses in fictional form if anyone's interested.
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Anyone who had a good laugh at Warrior Lovers needs to go to this post in which [ profile] lauredhel links to a youtube vid of Symons expounding on slash and the strange creatures (known in the local dialect as "women") who write it.

Mind you, his sheer wrongness (and ignorance of same) isn't so funny.
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- "Man Bits and Woman Bits: the discourse of sex in fanfic and litfic", for anyone who's interested. I put the papers from the other two SSD's up on my site but I don't want to do so with this one, because by its very nature it contains a lot of what my granny would have called Language. My site gets a lot of GCSE-student visitors and while I doubt they'd mind, their parents and teachers might.

I toyed with the idea of sending it to the OTW mag but they wanted too much done to it, including "lose a load of examples" (well now, I kinda thought the examples were what it was about) and "add images". That did baffle me - the whole thing is about how words work. And what would these images be exactly - willies at the ready? I can't imagine what else would be relevant and didn't fancy googling them.... Anyway it sounded like Hard Work of an Academic Nature and let's face it, we come into fandom to get away from that sort of thing. So in case anyone does want a print version, it's behind the cut. I haven't yet found a way to import the footnotes but will try to later. adult themes and language, but you knew that already )
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Slash Study Day was great, as ever. (Incidentally the young folks who organise it don't get paid; they are doing arts admin degrees so it's part of their course and they get marks for it. It's always been impeccably organised and was again this year, so I've fired off an email to young Mara saying so, in hopes she can use it as evidence come marking time.)

And [ profile] altariel had a great idea for continuing the merriment at Redemption!

I enjoyed everything I saw, but the afternoon panel "Slashing the Academy" was just brilliant, the most informative session I've ever been to there. The split was very neat: words v pictures, so all the vid and comic fans went one way and all us wordfreaks the other. And we got three fascinating talks about how authors appropriate and shape other people's ideas to their own purposes. First Dorothea Schuller from Göttingen Uni talked about HD, whom I knew as a poet but not as a prose writer, concentrating on how, in her prose, she subverts classical motifs to express her own bisexuality.

Then, by happy chance, Gemma Bristow went on to HD's husband, Richard Aldington, and his "Myrrhine and Konallis" poems, a classical pastiche f/f idyll he was using as an escape from his imminent enlistment in WW1. The story of the genesis of this, and his use of a French original which itself claimed to be translation, was mesmerising - it suddenly occurs to me that James Elroy Flecker's deeply homoerotic poem The Hammam Name also claims to be a translation (from a poem by "a Turkish lady"); this ruse was clearly in vogue! As a bonus Gemma passed round her copy of the beautiful book in which Aldington had bound the M & K poems together with his First World war poems - it would have been worth the trip just to handle that.

Last, Hanna Rochlitz of Kassel Uni discussed textual and autobiographical influences in Forster's "Ralph and Tony", which was totally new to me, and RTD's "Queer as Folk" and New Who, making a persuasive case for seeing QaF as a queer riff on Old Who and a sort of tryout for New Who - I can't believe I had never noticed that Vince and the annoying Rose have the same surname!

I feel my brane has been stretched....
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- and for once that's a Good Thing cos it's Slash Study Day 3! Anyone want me to bring book copies? I don't usually bother but will if anyone's after one.

Who's going? Since it's the Last Ever I shall try to stay until the very end. They've been immense fun so far, a brilliant idea by [ profile] dr_porn.


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